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Do you like Craft games? WorldCraft Dream Island is a new crafting game. Create your perfect buildings or cities with unlimited sources. Invite your friends and make your world together with multiplayer mode. Exploration and production! Hours of fun waiting awaits you: make houses with amazing gardens, castles, forests and go mining, go swimming etc and fun is free forever you are the god of your own universe be a loving one or destroyer its all up to you.THE MULTIPLAYER FEATURE WITH LOTS OF BIG SAVING OPTIONS AND SURPRISES!..Play with real people online, get organized with voice chat module and create the most amazing structures together and save it to improve more without having an internet connection than open it multiplayer when you think you need more help or just to have fun with friends.... and TNT bomb away! have really good time blast anything comes in your way.Features:► Free Amazing Skins ► Explore, craft, build, mine► Multiplayer Mode - You can play online and help your friend building!► Unlimited amount of players worldwide► Infinite world made of blocks available online to all players► Voice Chat (walkie talkie) - You can talk and meet with everybody► Single Player Mode► Easy Control► TNT Explosions► Ability to teleport to any player. Use “Teleport” button near the Coordinates display at the top ► Create room and kick (ban) player► Works over Wi-Fi and 3G, 4G and LETrate us 5 star to continue to improve the game, we are working on much more big stuff -maybe online challenges and real prices to the winner team, multiplayer wars, big hidden chests, big ready castles and houses and much more to come grin ifade simgesi

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