Columns 2048: Match 3 Numbers

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You have to direct the falling columns to make 3 or more same numbers adjacent to each others only horizontally or vertically. Then, their sum will be converted to the nearest number in the series (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, ...), It’s the repeated multiplication of number 2.Numbers after 512 would be written as the following:1024 > 1K2048 > 2K...1048576 > 1M1073741824 > 1G1099511627776 > 1T1125899906842624 > 1PIt’s game over when there is no space for the falling column to land.There are 4 buttons at the bottom right of the screen. The right button is to direct the column to the right. The left button is to direct the column to the left. The bottom button is to direct the column to the bottom. The top button is to re-arrange the positions of the numbers inside the column.It’s a beautiful and addicting game especially when the adjacent numbers are falling in a way similar to the falling dominoes.When it is game over, you can continue playing and keep your score by watching a video ad till its end. If you closed the video before its end, the game will end.If you are left-handed: you can change the position of the buttons to the left of the screen by touching the hand icon in the main page.Feel free to tell us your feedback, ideas, suggestions, requests, bugs and rate our game.Enjoy playing !---------Attribution: some game icons are free downloaded from

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