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Office calculator with a virtual tape for Android, fixed point or floating point mode, various rounding modes, easy percent and tax calculation.This is a calculator optimized for office tasks.* Calculator with virtual tapeYou can switch between calculator view and and tape view to have a full screen view of the tape.Just tap on the tape to switch between views.The tape of the calculator can have up to 1000 lines.* Calculator support corrections on the tapeYou can change values on the virtual tape to make corrections.For corrections go to the context menu of the tape line with a long press.* Calculator has percent calculation to add or subtract percent values.The tape will display the percentage and the resulting value.* Calculator has tax buttons (TX+, TX-) to add or sub tract tax (sales tax, VAT)This makes it very easy to calculate tax amounts with the calculator.The tape will display the tax rate and the resulting value.* Calculator allows annotations on the tapeYou can write a comment to a tape line.* Calculator with fixed point arithmetic or floating point.Fixed point arithmetic has 20 digits and 0 - 4 decimal places.The floating point arithmetic has 64 bits (IEEE double precision).By default, the calculator works with fixed point arithmetic and 2 decimal places as needed for most calculations with amounts.* Calculator supports three rounding modes: up, down or 5/4.This is the Pro variant of Office Calculator, a Free variant with ads is also available.

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