Heavy Metal Music

The best songs of the rock heavy metal genre around the world and in several languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Czech, among others)

Heavy Metal Music

The best songs of the rock heavy metal genre around the world and in several languages ​​(English, Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Czech, among others). Transmitted mainly from countries such as: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, Romania, among many others. You can also listen to songs and music of bands in the most representative subgenres of metal such as: alternative metal, black metal, death metal, metal doom, thrash metal, gothic metal, nu metal, symphonic metal and industrial metal with the participation of other genres from rock like hard rock, blues rock, psychedelic rock, AOR, classic rock, gothic rock, progressive rock, punk and alternative rock, with the best new and classic hits.The radio stations that you will find in this application are specialized in heavy metal music, since its content is focused on this genre in most of its programming. In them you can listen to informative locutions about your favorite artists and bands (their history, tours and concerts, news and novelties, releases, new successes, etc.)Here you can listen to the most representative Heavy Metal artists and bands such as: Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Judas Priest, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Panther, Motorhead, Venom, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Slipknot, AC- DC among many more, as well as bands and less commercial Heavy Metal artists.If you are looking for heavy metal in its purest state, we recommend the 100hitz stations, Bear Metal Radio, Heavy Metal Radio, Ipo Radio Metal, mETaLmuSicRaDio, MetalRock.FM and The Metal MIXX. Where its music programming is dedicated to heavy metal almost entirely and even in some of them 100%.There are those who say that variety is the pleasure, thinking about them we add some radios that apart from transmitting heavy metal music as their highest priority also include a bit of hard rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, punk and other derivatives of metal such as nu metal, thrash metal, death metal, industrial metal, black metal and doom metal, among the most important we have: ABash the METAL Stood, Beauty From Ashes Radio, Crucial Velocity Radio, Goth Radio, HDRN, KNAC, MeanzRock, No Boundaries Radio , Rock Radio, Rock Addict, RockRadio1, The Taint, Top Rock Radio and Wild Rock Radio.If you are a fan of the classics you can not stop listening to Classic Metal Radio and Metallica & Megadeth Radio where most of their programming is oriented to the original songs of the genre with more participation of the classics of the 80's and 90's, In Metallica & Megadeth Radio you can listen to a tribute to two of the greatest Heavy Metal bands of all time.English is the universal language of rock, however in this application we took into account all metal cultures, so if you want to hear the best of the genre in your favorite language we recommend the following stations that offer a space for your native language .- Heavy Metal in German: Energy Metal, Metal Only Radio, MusicBaseFM Rock, Pure Metal Radio and Star FM.- In Spanish: Altar Rock Radio, Rock and Roll Radio MX, Urban Rock and Top Rock News.- In French: Hotmixradio Metal, La Grosse Radio Metal and Radio Biz Metal.- In Ukrainian: Metal Voice and Radio ROKS Hard 'n' Heavy.- In Czech: Rebel Radio Brod.- In Portuguese: Rock n Radio.We know that listening to songs of Christian music helps us to achieve inner peace to feel truly fulfilled and happy with the presence of God. With this in mind, we did not want to leave out the metal genre and the Christian Hard Rock represented by the station Altar Rock Radio.metal heavy metal music metal music heavy metal bands rock metal metal bands thrash metal power metal metal radio death metal bands doom metal black metal