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Have you ever gotten so bored that you wanted to kill? Kill time? Meet Tan, the Pin Man. Pin Tan will take you on your most entertaining journey of ball-shooting yet! Prepare to aim, shoot, hit and destroy just by the tip of your finger. Angles and numbers are important. Be your angle be that of Sin, Tan, Cos, make sure your target is in line. Keep a look out for the geometric shapes indicating the number of times they need to be hit to completely destroy them. What’s more exciting is that you get to earn power-ups along the way – hit to score them! Are you ready to swipe your finger across the screen and get indulged in the fun race to hit the brick? o Easy, addictive and entertaining – do you have what it takes to reach the last stage?o Score power-ups and new balls especially the ‘Mega’ Ball; unlock to unleash its mighty power!o Individual and multi-player game options – challenge yourself and your friends away!o HD graphics and intriguing arcade music to keep you entertained while you are on your mission to be the best

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