Study Skills Guides

Study Skills GuidesStruggling to be a successful student? Don't get discouraged, it isn't magic! But it does require desire, dedication and a lot of work

Study Skills Guides

Study Skills GuidesStruggling to be a successful student? Don't get discouraged, it isn't magic! But it does require desire, dedication and a lot of work. If you want learn how to become a successful student, then you've come to the right place. Our study skills guides for students will provide you everything you need in order to learn how to learn more effectively.Active listening, reading comprehension, notetaking, stress management, time management, testing taking, and memorization are only a few of the topics addressed in our study skills guides for students. If you'll take the time to learn and apply the study skills concepts and principles taught in our guides you'll not only improve your performance in school but also your ability to learn in general -- and that will benefit you the rest of your life! Whether you're a freshman in college looking to get ahead, a teacher seeking study skills resources for your pupils, or a high school student just trying to survive you'll find the study skills guides, tutorials, and resource you need right below.General Study Skills GuidesThe following are general study skills guides, tutorials and articles for students, parents and teachers that offer proven tips and strategies for improving study skills habits, effectiveness and learning ability. Topics covered include time management, learning style, note taking, reading, math, vocabulary, writing, and listening, among others.Study Skills ChecklistDiscover Your Learning Style10 Habits of Highly Successful StudentsImproving Reading ComprehensionThe Cornell System for Taking NotesImproving Your Note TakingImproving Your MemoryEffective Listening SkillsUsing Effective Time Management To Optimize Your StudyingCoping With Test AnxietyFinding a Good Study LocationUsing Studying GroupsStrategies for Reading TextbooksSQ3R Strategy for Reading TextbooksA Guide for Studying MathSolving Math Word ProblemsVocabulary Building StrategiesBasics of Writing An EssayWriting Research PapersSetting and Achieving GoalsThe Forgetting CurveTest Taking GuidesTest taking is a skill in and of itself. Even some of the brightest students struggle when it comes to test taking. Learning how to take tests is an important aspect of educational performance, development and progression. Below we'll explore both general and specific tips and strategies for taking and enhancing performance on various types of tests, including short answer, multiple choice, essay, oral, openbook, and standardized.Test Preparation TipsSimple Strategies for Improving Test PerformanceTest Taking StrategiesShort Answer TestsTaking Essay TestsMultiple Choice Test Taking TipsTrue/False TestsQuantitative and Math Test Preparation StrategiesOpenbook TestsOral Test TakingACT Test Taking StrategiesSAT Test Taking Tips and TechniquesTop 5 GMAT Study TipsLSAT StrategiesHow To Study for the MCATStudy Skills Resources by SubjectUnderstanding general, yet proven, strategies for studying and test taking is the first step to becoming an effective learner and student. However, each subject you study is unique and requires a slightly different learning approach. For example, learning how to do calculus is very different than studying American heritage. While both subjects require good study habits, effective listening, and reading comprehension skills, each requires a different approach to learning. Below we'll explore specific study skills and strategies as they relate to performance within individual subject areas.AccountingAnthropologyAstronomyBiologyBusinessChemistryComputer ScienceEconomicsEnglishEngineeringForeign LanguageGeographyGeologyHistoryLawMathNursingPhilosophyPhysicsPolitical SciencePsychologyScienceSociology