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­čÄž The most perfect and professional music equalizer app - bass booster - eq player and sound equalizer for you to enjoy your favorite music online­čÄž Music Equalizer Booster allows you to adjust your sound tracks with a five-band equalizer and enjoy a powerful bass amplifier. The Equalizer for Android will play your music with a stereo sound of live music LED VU meter and various wonderful visual sound spectrum.­čÄž Improve the sound quality of your Android device with the Bass Boost, Virtualizer and Equalizer. Make your music and video sound booster like never before.Bass Booster allows you to adjust the sound effects levels so that you get the best music equalizer out of your music, audio or video coming out of your android­čÄž Application increase the volume of the phone when you listen to music or when you want a louder volume for music. This app can increase system volume with a single tap without sound distortion. This way, you can create great sound when listening to music, watching movies, making phone calls online with friends.­čÄž Provide 10 equalizer presets based on music genresThere are 10 professional music genres presets for your choice, they are Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal, Classical, Flat, Normal, Custom.­čöŐ Reasons to Increase Volume Booster and music Equalizer for AndroidÔÖ¬ Increase volume of any audio device with just one touchÔÖ¬ Music Visualizer plays music and renders beautiful visualized effects.ÔÖ¬ Boost sounds settings for ringing tones, notifications, call volume, media, alarms and other sound systems.ÔÖ¬ Sound Booster really perfect your music listening experience with EQÔÖ¬ Equalizer movies, video, music and audioÔÖ¬ sound louder ÔÇô speaker booster ÔÇô music eqÔÖ¬ the equalizer 2 is an all-in-one music player - equalize - bass booster that offers brilliant sound qualityÔÖ¬ The equalizer : Bass Booster - sounds booster 2018Equalizer Music Player╬× improve volume quality - Bass boost & Virtualizer effectsThanks to the professional audio decoding technology, the bass amplifier and virtualizer will enhance your sound quality directed you enjoy the best free music.­čöŐ Main function:╬× System volume amplifier╬× Does not distort the sound while increasing╬× Flexible control volume and du speed booster╬× Virtual effect and sound enhancer╬×speaker booster apps - equalizer volume ╬×equalizer sound booster╬× stereo equalizer - headphone equalizer ╬×the equalizer 2 - music eq╬× Customize the soun for many applications╬× Activate / deactivate quickly╬× amplifier the volume of an audio volume increaser╬×letasoft sound booster╬× Several preset Eqs ans booster sound╬× Increase the bass - bass booster proÔŁĄ If you have any comments on the music player player with bass booster application, please comment below or send an email to the developer. We always keep track of your comments to improve and create a music playerÔŁĄThanks for Used Equalizer and Volume Booster Pro for your Android

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