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The largest Would You Rather (WYR) Social Network on mobile has arrived to Android! Answer insanely hilarious questions with two possible answers that will blow your mind. Submit your own questions and see what the community answers. Answer and compose the most question to become First Place in the Leaderboards! The WYR app has a huge amount of questions, and more questions are added every day. Have a good laugh with this application and join the WYR community!The Main Features of the Would You Rather App include:• Answering an ever-growing amount of WYR questions!• Submitting your own questions!• Keeping track of your composed questions.• Following other players and having their questions show up in your feed.• Check out your own profile and other players' profiles as well.• Ranks, Likes, and Comments.• Cool animations and fun sounds!• The users control it all! A user can submit a question anytime and report other users' questions if found with errors, offensive, etc.• Filter questions using the 'Hottest and Trending' option to answer the best questions.• Questions for both Kids and Adults (17+)• Leaderboards!• More features coming soon! The app is constantly updated with new features! If you have a suggestion or a request, contact us through the Settings section in the app and we will definitely consider it!

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