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Catex Health Hub enables patients to plugin and access innovative medical treatment solutions.From the comfort of their homes or offices, doctors and patients can use video to interact with each other. Patients no longer have to visit the doctor’s office for follow up visits, they can do it online. Doctors are now able to treat patients at home and supervise their disease management with complete access to real-time vitals and alerts. Patients can be secure with nurses available 24x7 on video standby for emergencies as well as for regular check-ups. With Catex Health Hub, you can scan and upload reports to your secure and digital cloud health record on the go and much more.Features:For DoctorsConduct your follow up visits with patients using video consultationsTalk face to face with patients for second opinions via videoSupervise your patient’s treatmentGuide the nurse to care for the patientView your patient’s live monitoring data Get instant alerts regarding changes in your patient’s conditionManage your appointmentsAccess complete patient records in a structured understandable mannerView uploaded reportsScan and upload reports to patient’s recordsFor Patients:Consult with your doctor online using Video Consultation for follow up visitsTake second opinions with doctors over video consultationsGet treated for your disease at homeView your live monitoring dataTalk face to face with your nurse over videoGet real time alerts and guidance with regular nurse checkupsAccess your health record from anywhere, anytime and anyplaceView and manage your appointmentsScan and upload reports

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