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Get ready of an extreme bicycle ride on grand city roads accompanying various big ramps, high jumps, city traffic car rush, interesting missions with time limitation performing bicycle stunts. Showoff professional freestyle stunts cycling skills in this exciting simulator game. Steer your city bicycle through different streets performing couple of super amazing action stunts completing various objectives. Speed up and go crazy at midnight and drop the desired item to the destination in no time. Whether it be a day or night, rain or sunshine be the professional bicycle stunt rider and show super cycling moves to be the best cycler that no one can beat! Paddle fast, enjoy big jumps in mid-air ramps, show extreme stunts on roads and become best stuntman City bicycle rider 2k17.City Bicycle Rider 2017 will prepare you for bicycle stunts challenge. Be the most intense, competitive and fastest bicycle stunt rider and drop various items like fruits, vegetables, newspaper, stationery and grocery to the final location within the given time. Avoid city car traffic rush and clashes, make your way through the streets wisely, flip left and right, make super action cycling moves while enjoying the amazing bicycle physics and fast-paced gameplay of City Bicycle Rider 2017. Get your objectives and job done in fastest possible time! Try your best to beat the clock, follow the map for direction. So gear up your furious bicycle to perform super amazing stunts on grand city roads. Be the daredevil stunts rider by performing flip tricks, big jumps on ramps in this furious bicycle riding adventure simulator of 2017!Surprise everyone with your super amazing City Bicycle Stunts skills while executing some of the deadliest wild stunts on city roads! Maintain your freestyle bicycle speed and ride on city roads as a best bicycle rider performing extreme stunts on your bicycle riding adventure. Avoid hitting and epic clashes else it will end up the level. Flip your bicycle left and right to change your direction. Don’t hit the cars or people walking on the roads and become the real city bicycle rider of 2017.Features:• Beautiful 3d City Environment and Different Weather Conditions• Extremely Interesting Cycling Objectives• Amazing Bicycle Physics and Controls• Chance to Show Some Real Stunts on City Roads• Ramps, Mid Air Jumps, Fast Speed, Traffic, Brakes and Some Amazing Moves

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