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شناختی کارڈ پرسموں کی تعداد معلوم کریںGet number of sims registered on cnic. Just enter your cnic and get number of registered number on your nic for all networks.It very important to know about that how many sims are registered on your cnic.This app will show you that how many sims are biometric verified on your cnic.It will show you sim verification of mobile numbers of all networks which are biometrically verified against your cnic.Features:- Get biometric verification information of sims on your cnic- Sim verification checker- check sim verification- check number of registered sims against your cnic- Show no of sims registered on specific networks- Get record of biometric verification of sims- Check how many numbers are registered on your CNIC_ No of registered sims on your cnicHow to use:Just open "Check Sim Registeration" app and enter your cnic number and click enter. The sims verification checker app will show how many number of sims are registered on your cnic. It will show you total number of registered sims as well as how many number are registered in each network.NOTE: This app only works for Pakistani Mobile Networks

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