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We help small business owners

We use a comprehensive and customer driven approach to deliver value to small business owners. Our approach is simple, but powerful: we begin by collaborating with small business owners to define their need. Then we shape the DNA of the new product. Then we implement technical solutions.

myarea app team

Ghenadie Plingau


Ghenadie is the Founder and CEO of Mobiblocks. The idea behind myarea app was to provide business owners with an efficient tool to acquire customers. Ghenadie is managing a team of developers for over 10 years and has extensive experience designing and delivering innovative technical solutions.

Serghei Zagaiciuc

Principal Software Developer

Serghei is the main system architect and the main driving force behind all software development efforts. Serghei is experienced in software architecture, system design, development management, release planning and is using an efficient agile approach to deliver outstanding results.

Alex Vorojbit

Product Manager

Alex is the product owner and operations manager. Alex is the team leader, he sets the vision, defines strategic plan and goals for the business. Alex handles external relations with vendors and is in charge of production, marketing and overall product success.

Eugen Sincovschi

Front-end Developer

Eugen is turning complex user interactions into intuitive user experiences. Eugen is talented UI Designer, he is driving our UI/UX standards and plays a key role in creation of the website UI. Eugen delivers pixel-perfect mockups and tremendously helps coding and implementing UI components using HTML/CSS/JS.

Iurie Oloi

Senior Front-End Developer

Iurie is considerably contributing to our website development by implementing complex functionality, optimizing our core website modules, troubleshooting, implementing fixes, enhancements, improvements. Iurie is very detail-oriented, performs thorough analysis, meticulously ensuring our product withstands highest quality requirements.

Daniel Rusu

Lead iOS Developer

Daniel is an iOS Full-stack Developer team lead. He comes up with smart software solutions to overcome the constantly-rising challenges. His real passion is to applying his knowledge to build high quality iOS applications. He loves hard problems and learning new things.

Vlad Crivenco

Lead Full-stack Developer

Vlad is team lead on product and loves technology, learning new things, solving problems and writing software while listening to music. Now is focusing on full stack development with a passion for making the web a better place.

Eugen Smirnov

Senior Android Developer

Eugen is an Android developer with a passion for building useful and understandable user experiences. Believes that good software can change lives and strives to make his work fun to use and accessible to all. He's an advocate of high quality comprehensive code.

Grigorie Cojusneanu

Senior Front-End Developer

Grigorie is always searching and creating new ideas, visions and creativity for individual UI/UX, regardless to these, loves to solve disgustingly complicated interface requirements with simple design decisions and seeks opportunities to work on things that make people’s lives better.

Dmitri Dulgher


Dmitri is Back-end, Android and iOS developer. Is a compulsive tinkerer with technology and code, and finds nothing more satisfying than bringing products to life.

Diana Dragutan

Quality Assurance

Diana is focusing on tools, infrastructure, automation and quality. Dedicated to releasing quality products, she is super excited to be part of MYAREA.COM. Has great analytical, testing and reporting skills.

Alexandrina Revenco

Quality Assurance

Alexandrina is passionate and enjoyed of testing our products to make them better. Her purpose is to have everything set up, made every effort to make the finished product perfect and for customers to receive a great product. She always opts for a high quality products.