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Electronic Components : One of the best app for electronics ,references,tools & profesionals. This is the free version, without ads and containing additional features.In the resources section you can enjoy now* Ascii codes* Radio Frequency Table* AWG Wire Rating Table* Resistivity Table* SI Prefixes Table* Micro SD Card Pinouts* Cables & Adapters* PS2 to Serial Mouse* Mini DIN to DIN Keyboard * Macintosh Video to VGA* APC UPS Smart Cable* Pc Ports Pinouts* Microchip PIC ICSP Pinouts* Atmel AVR ISP Pinouts * 2 Row 16 Char (162) LCD Hitachi HD44780 LCD* 12864 Graphic LCD Nokia 3110 LCD* GSM SIM Pinouts* ATX Power Supply Connecter* Arduino Pinouts* Fiber Optic Color Codes* Raspberry Pi Rev 1 Pinouts* Raspberry Pi Rev 2 PinoutsAnd in the "Electronic Components Symbols" section we have :* Resistor Symbole* Capacitor Symbole* Inductor Symbole* Diode SymboleTransistor Symbole Logic Symbole* Switches SymboleAnd in the "Circuit RL,RC and RLC" section we have :* Electronic Components Symbols* RL Series Circuit* RC Series Circuit* RLC Series CircuitIf you like this app, please buy the full version to support the developer's efforts.Electronic Components PROLink: you like this app, please rate it on the market.

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