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Frenzy Blast will have you in a frenzy matching your way through levels in this exciting crush game!Join a thrilling adventure in this new blast game that you will love to play!Chock full of free puzzles, exciting quests, and tapping madness!Frenzy Blast is the cubes game that you just can’t put down!Easy to Play, Thrilling to MasterThis colorful tap 2 game invites you to quickly and skillfully interact with the bricks to see how many they can explode in a frenzied burst of fun and adventure.It’s simple to play, and but challenging to master!Easy Game, Awesome Quests!Tap on the blocks of the same color that are next to each other to make them explode.The more cubes you can match in one tap, the more points you earn.Challenge yourself with family and friends and see who gets the highest score!As you journey through the puzzles, you’ll earn boosters that will help you pop even more bricks than before!It’s that simple, that fun, and that addictive, so join the Frenzy Blast craze now!💥 Fabulous Features 💥Frenzy Blast is the best matching game that you and your friends are going to love!--> There are thousands of cool levels for you to explore. --> You can play this tile crushing game even with no WiFi and no Internet. That’s because Frenzy Blast is available online, offline, and while you’re waiting in line!--> Unlock exciting new boosters with every level and complete a unique target mission as you go.Not only will you be having a blast while you get into the pop and hit, but you’ll be giving your brain a real memory boost! That’s because as you train your brain to spot the corresponding blocks in this matching game, you're actually building problem-solving skills! Who said you couldn't get smarter from sitting on your phone!Download today and have a blast playing this fun, frenzy, explosive game!

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