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StepSolar- Shade Analysis and Proposal Generation


-- PLEASE VISIT -- This App is an extension of your web portal -- !! Important !! -- To use this app, we recommend you to watch the Intro & Demo videos. Our teams are available for your support. Intro & Demo Videos: Robotics has revolutionized the solar sales process by developing one of the world’s most accurate and efficient Solar Proposal Tool for Solar Installers. The StepSolar App and Web portal provides the below features currently for FREE!!!* Solar Shading & Site Analysis - Sky/Non Sky Detection, Sun Path Calculation, Optimize your installation for the best solar access and panel to panel distance* Solar Proposal Generation - Production and Payback Analysis* CRM for Solar Installers and to manage Sales teams - A web based portal where all sales visits and reports are being updated in real-time. All field operations can be managed through an intuitive cloud based interface. Do Shading & Site Analysis, select from your favourite options of relevant energy usage profiles and tariff plans, choose equipment and design a system to create the most accurate production, payback reports and proposals for your customers. All within less than 15 minutes to close the deal and sell to your customers.For free demo, please call: +1 408 757 0807 or visit

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