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i-Comm is an easy and intuitive self-service visitor management system that is integrated with i-Neighbour and TimeTec VMS. Install the app in the Self-Service Panel tablet and place it at the entrance of your premise, condo or office tower to provide access control for visitors. Through the app, i-Comm manages the visitor management system from start to end, offering convenience to both visitors and hosts, suitable for condos or office tower without guards or guardhouse.Here are some of the key features in i-Comm:Video CallFor better security, i-Comm allows the host to identify their visitors through video call. For every visitation, visitors will have to register or check-in via QR code before they are allowed to access into the premise. During the registration process, visitors will have to select the unit no and host information before they are connected through the In-App video call. i-Comm will connect to the front camera of the tablet and display the video of the visitor to the host for verification, while the visitor can only hear the host’s voice throughout the process, just like how a video intercom would work. This will ensure the privacy of the host during the video call and at the same time, allowing the host to verify the visitor via the tablet’s camera through i-Comm app. QR EntryCheck-in or check-out process can be done swiftly using QR code via i-Comm app. From the invitation or pre-registration created within i-Neighbour or TimeTec VMS, approved visitors will receive a QR code for check-in and check-out purpose. At the i-Comm app, a visitor only needs to show the QR Code to perform self check-in and then access the premise as permitted. A hassle-free and secure visitation process every time. Access ControlEnhance your premise security and control visitors access with i-Comm. Through i-Comm app, only approved visitors can access into the premise. Visitor can use QR code to access or call the host via i-Comm in-app video call function for approval. Once validated, the visitor will be able to access the premise and system will record their access time for future reference. Automate your visitor management system with i-Comm today!

Selangor, Malaysia
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