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Get the Wild Well Killsheet and experience the power of the Ultimate Killsheet in the palm of your hand. Now designed for deviated wells and compatible for land, offshore surface, and subsea, with a flexible, easy-to-use interface. - Built for deviated wells- Estimates kill parameters and provides step-down chart based on input data- Employs interchangeable unit selection, customized by user preference and regional needs- Easily shares well data with coworkers and well control experts- Tracks multiple well locations- Provides step-by-step procedures for DrillerĂ­s Method, Lube & Bleed, and Wait and Weight- Offers land, offshore surface, subsea compatibility- Calculates MASP, dynamic MASP, and dynamic MASP with kill mud based on input kill parameters- Provides time estimate for kill operations including total displacement- Uses GPS-based coordinates Download the Wild Well Killsheet app today and tap into our industry-leading experience.

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