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Be a target shooter & commando officer in Ultimate Raid - Mafia Assault game that is target a counter story of target shooting and commando survival game .Calling out all action game and target shooting lovers! S8 Labs welcomes you with most realistic & target shooter 3D game, Ultimate Raid – Mafia Assault game available on your favorite store. Step on the battlefield and war crime as a US army secret agent just like robin hood because you are working with a secret agency in Ultimate Raid – Mafia Assault game and as you are target shooter and your target shooting skills are known in grand city to stop grand city robbery and mafia gangster. Your shooting experience in different target shooting missions are well known and due to your shooting experience the secrete target shooting agency hire your as experienced target shooter. This target shooting secret agency is famous for completing stealth challenges and critical gang strike missions, target counter missions and mafia gangster missions, now you as secret target shooter have to shot all mad city mafia and clear mafia gangster like in grand city robbery mission. To complete this secret mission excel your professional army sniper and military target shooter skill. You will be on the gang location in this ultimate gangster strike mission and target counter mission. Get ready and complete this secret target counter mission with highly skilled professional sniper and target shooting skill and once again be best target shooter and target killer. Ultimate raid gang mission is a free action game with a mysterious story to shot mafia.It is your target shooting duty as a skilled professional prisoner escape and mafia strike agent to complete this secret mission with your secret spy and lightning thief expertise. You will experience the most amazing target shooting experience against mafia gangster in the battlefield and shooting war environment. Assaulting with silence and moving forward to reach your instructed missions and with long range counter shot skills shot all mafia gangsters with your long range shooting gun. You are a secret agent and target shooter, not a superhero to save them, kill evil criminals gangster on spot as a brave commando officer in gangster own battlefield and shooter just a ultimate sniper shooter. Ultimate Raid – Mafia Assault is first person action packed shooting game and also will learn to survive in gang battlefield survival. Uncovered the truth of your secret in critical war zone situation as this is war crime against ultimate mafia gangster. You were the greatest superhero and spy in another missions so now prove yourself in this stealth action game, trust on yourself though you are not archer shooter but gun shooter and your target shooting with long range gun is not bad as archer shooter who assassin gangster with archery skills. Main Features of Ultimate Raid – Mafia Assault and Target Shooting 3D:* Well-designed and challenging warehouse environment* FPS & TPS user controls * Eye catching comic style UI & graphics * Thrilling background music and stunting sound effects * Five different episodes and secret missions with unique environment & each episode have five assault mission. * Improving tactical skills, stealth mission secrets, sniper shooting feature * Understandable and user friendly tutorial with help feature.Thanks for visiting and downloading our first action game Ultimate Raid – Mafia Assault and Target Counter shooting game. This newest game will give you better user experience and addictive game play for free. Please don’t forget to send us your valuable feedback to improve Ultimate Raid Mafia Assault action game.

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