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Football/Soccer is redefined! Get the best Big Head Head Soccer/Football in your device!We bet you have never played football league / Head Soccer game like this and we bet you will love this head soccer game. Just play big head soccer 2017 and never exit! Be the champion of puppet soccer championship! Show your football skills to the world! Keep in mind that World only remembers the champions!We bet you’ll love this Mini Football game!Show us what you’ve got in HEAD SOCCER - Euro football game 2017 Edition.Go further than anyone by winning all of the CUPS, LEAGUES and FRIENDLIES for each team. To get there you’ll need to improve your ball skills and use your Power Ups wisely to surprise your opponents.If you’ve got what it takes to win each tournament you’ll get sweet REWARDS!ABIILITIES. Use SPRINT to move more quickly around the field and beat your opponent. The HEADER is the best way to score a goal... Use the POWER UP to surprise your opponent with a special shot, or to block theirs.. Try to trick your rival and take a SHOT on goal.FRIENDLY MODEPractice your skills playing in friendly games against any team. Remember that in Football there are no small opponents! Choose ALL NATIONAL TEAMS, including non-European.CUP MODE16 teams to choose among the 24 teams in EURO.LEAGUE MODEIn a championship tournament every game is a final! Show off your ball skills to become an All-Star playing with 32 European teams, the 24 participants in euro other 8 European teams that have fallen out.You’ve got an empty trophy case! Win all of the cups, make history, and you’ll be in the HALL OF FAME!Shoot, kick and score goals in the most addicting football game of the year!Do you have what it takes to become the Legend? Train your skills, practice free kicks, improve defense and offense tactics with no offside here. Lace up your boots and pull your shirt on: this game was made for you.Features:⚽ Big head 2 head fun 2-player mode - splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device🏆 Climb the league season 2016/2017 with achievements, champions cup and high scores⚽ Perfect physics for ball and mad goalsPick your team fc, play as your favorite footballer and score as many goals as you can! Pass nutmeg and tiki-taka, rabona shoot, seal dribble, puyol and foul—it’s all here. Play in single player mode or team up with a friend for the awesome 2-player mode. Watch awesome mexican waves pushing your fc team to the egde of limits.The true champion of fc soccer games…Game tips and strategies for your best soccer experience:⚽ Focus on defense goalie tactics and catenaccio basically camp⚽ When the ball is close to you, you shoot and kick more upwards⚽ Run forward while kicking and the shot will have more power⚽ Run backwards while kicking to volley with indirect free kick to top corner⚽ Exhaust other player to make him feghouli⚽ Take advantage of frozen champions puyol and play pitch invasion⚽ Don’t kick toe punt or toe poke from long distance, wait for ball to come closer cr7Try to remember all the legendary players like playmaker pirlo zizou, zidane, davids or lionel cristiano. Be the best hand puppeteer cf midfielder. Can you perform tricks like tiki-taka or rabona as midfielder griezmann winger.Let us know if you wish any new marioneta in review or visit NOXGAMES or our Facebook. We might add pirlo pigskin ball and zizou tricks to amuse you cf.We are preparing new game features including offside banana power up and more liga rewards for video ads. New design of silver pigskin shields against max negative effects. New game obstacles added mestalla llorente, halilovic protecting against winger andres roberto and midfielder alcacer liga.Don't forget to try head 2 head split-screen multiplayer for family and fc kids!

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